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Top Futures Brokers in Italy for Trading Futures Contracts

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Futures Brokers in Italy

Italy has a vibrant futures trading market, with a number of authorized brokers that offer a range of products and services to investors. These brokers are licensed and regulated by the regulatory body of the Italian financial industry, the Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (CONSOB).

Types of Futures Contracts Offered

Italian futures brokers offer a variety of futures products, including:

Trading Platforms

Italian futures brokers provide investors with access to global futures markets through their online trading platforms. These trading platforms offer real-time market data, charts, research tools, and trading signals, among others.

Brokerage Fees

Italian futures brokers charge different fees depending on the type of futures contract traded. The fees charged may include transaction fees, commission fees, exchange fees, and clearing fees. Investors should compare the fees charged by different futures brokers to find the best deal for them.

Licensing and Regulation

All futures brokers in Italy must be licensed and regulated by CONSOB. This regulatory body oversees and ensures that the brokers comply with the set standards and rules, including the protection of investors' funds.


Italian futures brokers provide investors with access to a range of futures products and trading platforms. Before investing, investors should ensure that they conduct proper research on the broker they intend to use and compare fees charged to find the best deal.

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